Cottage Italia Industries Ghana Ltd is a subsidiary in Accra of the parent company Cottage Industries Italia Srl in Italy. It has offices in Burkina Faso, Benin and Nigeria. Ghana is the main office within West African sub region.

The main shareholder/President of the company is Dr. Mario. Specialization: Cottage Italia Industries (CII) specializes in food engineering and foods processing. We supply full food processing lines made in Italy to:

* Process Agric products available in-each African country

* Employs resident/Iocal/ethnic work force

* Processing local Agric raw materials where they are available in order to enhance Post Harvest Loss Reduction Plan (PHLRP)

* Employing local work force to create wealth and alleviate poverty

* Supplying to existing local consumers, locally made products as a means of reducing / decreasing imports of finished products from abroad.

* Starting up of small/medium   scale enterprises (SMEs) in order to create and nurture tomorrow's industrialists today who are scattered everywhere.

CII supply full food processing lines which are customized to the client's requirement and investment target.

Each full food processing line is customized per each customer's needs and can be for specific products such as tomato, pineapple, orange, cassava etc. or for multipurpose use.

Each food processing line can employ from 5 to 20 people according to production capacity either hand operated or automatic configuration.

CII food processing lines are stainless steel/inox made and approved by local regulatory authorities (Food & Drug Board/Ghana Standards Board) and are made according to international Food Processing Standards as well.

The company's policy is to supply full food processing lines so that the basic food processing know-how is included.

From time to time or on demand, CII organizes/offers Food Processing Training Programmes (FPTP) so interested parties can be trained before taking the decision to invest in their projects.