Cottage Italia Industries Ghana is subsidiary in Accra of the parent company COTTAGE INDUSTRIES ITALIA in Italy.

It has it offices in Burkina Faso, Benin and Nigeria. Ghana is the main within West Africa sub region.

II.) CII specializes in food engineering, food processing and food packaging. We supply full processing line made in Italy to Process agriculture products available in all African countries.

 Such as:

  1. Tomato processing lines (Tomato Ma$ter)
    2. Fruit Juice processing lines (Juice Ma$ter)
    3. Meat processing lines (Meat Ma$ter)
    4. Cassava processing lines (Cassava Ma$ter)
    5. Oil processing lines (Oil Ma$ter)
    6. Milk – Yoghourt – Cheese processing lines (Milk – Yoghourt – Cheese Ma$ter)
    7. Rice processing lines (Rice Ma$ter)
    8. Drinking Water processing lines (Aqua Ma$ter) 
    9. Ice cream making lines (Gelato Ma$ter)
    10.Emergency Water filtering & packing lines (Emergency Aqua Ma$ter)
    11. Agric tractors and agric machines
    12. Packing Materials and Packing Machines
    13. Glass Jars – Glass Bottles – Plastic containers
    14. Machineries to preserve foods under vacuum
    15. Seeds & Cultivars

III.) CII’s supply full processing line which are customized to the client’s requirements and investment target.

Each food processing line is customized as per the customer’s need and can be for specific products such as Tomato-pineapple-orange-cassava etc. or for multipurpose use. Each processing lines can employ from 5 to 20 people according to the production capacity either hand operated, semi-automated or fully automated configuration.

CII’s food processing lines are stainless steel/ inox made and approved by local regulatory authorities ( FDB/GSB) and are made according to International Food Processing Standards as well. Our policy is to supply full processing lines so that the basic food processing know – how is applied. From time or on demand, CII organizes/offer Food Processing Training Pragrammes so interested parties can be trained before taking the decision to invest in their projects.